Although I have known Fikir Amlak for years, I only know part of his story. With Caribbean and Latin-American heritage, his early years were split between the Caribbean and the USA. He came into contact with the Rastafari order at a young age and the resonance was immediate. He rapidly embraced Rastafari culture, philosophy and music which has regulated his life since. After moving to Santa Cruz, California he took part in a series of solo and collective musical works from 2002 to 2006. Growing disillusioned with the music business, he took a 7 year sabbatical from recording. During this period he lived a severely reclusive life, studying and training with Rastafari in the hills of California and Jamaica. He continued to release previously recorded music but did not record again until 2013, when various producers encouraged him to return to the music world. Since then, he has recorded extensively but only a small portion of this music has been released. The roots – reggae - dub - sound system world has embraced him, and his rise has been meteoric. Promoting a balance of mental, spiritual and physical fitness, his message has arrived on the scene like a breath of fresh air. While he remains in the public eye, look for more releases, live performances, and insight from Fikir Amlak.

Mike B, Akashic Records



Andrés “Fikir Amlak” Estrada has been professionally involved in the music business for over 15 years as a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keys) and recording engineer/producer. In the past 4 years, FIKIR AMLAK has seen his music released by various international producers in the form of 27 vinyl records, 10 CD albums and 16 digital single releases. Since 2014, he has become a regular on the European ‘sound system’ tour circuit, frequently performing as a singer alongside King Alpha Sound System from the UK. More recently, Fikir has been working with the American music label, Akashic Records Reggae, for management, along with Black Lion Creative, a Los Angeles based media company, for creative direction and production services.



Vinyl Releases (27)

  • Don’t Sleep (Lion’s Den/Black Redemption/2019)

  • On My Mind (Alchemy Dubs/2018)

  • Rasta Tell Dam (Lion’s Den/Black Redemption/2018)

  • Live Like a King (I Lion Records/2018)

  • Feel the Pain (Inner Standing/2018)

  • Hear Me Chant (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Selassie I Great (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Love Your Life (Universal Love/2018)

  • Manna (Name By Nature/2018)

  • Fallen Soldier (4 Weed Records/Bass Pirates/2018)

  • When the Lion Roars (WhoDemSound/2018)

  • Back Away (Lion's Den/Black Redemption/2018)

  • Ekos (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Eastern Star (Akashic Records/2017)

  • Murderer/Blood Spiller (Black Redemption/2017)

  • Frontline Rasta (Dub Invasion/2016)

  • No Fear (Imperial Roots 2016)

  • I Am That I Am (Akashic Records/2016)

  • Forever Jah/New Song (Blackheart Warriors/2016)

  • No Mercy (Imperial Roots/2016)

  • Africa I Call (Ma-Kaya Records/2016)

  • Warn Dem (Higher Regions/2016)

  • Ethiopian Sunrize (Blackheart Warriors/2015)

  • Starlight (Nyabinghi Dub/2015)

  • Carry On (Roots Youth Records/2015)

  • Kingdom at the End (Lord Hissayas/2014)

  • Doyen/Bravery (Imperial Roots/2014)

Albums (16)

  • Bless the Place (Akashic Records/2019)

  • Rasta Tell Dem (Black Lion Sounds/Dub Strand/2019)

  • Selassie I Great (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Some Dread (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Axum (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Key to the Universe (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Lewi Showcase (Blackheart Warriors/2017) 

  • Simply Warrior (Akashic Records/2016) 

  • Roots & Dub (Black Lion Sounds/2016)

  • Roots & Culture (Black Lion Sounds/2016)

  • I Love Jah (Imperial Roots/2015)

  • The Lion Lives (Black Lion Sounds/2012)

  • Highest Regions (Black Lion Sounds/2007)

  • Seed of Zadok (Black Lion Sounds/2006)

  • Love Jah and Live (Black Lion Sounds/2006)

  • Fiqir Amlak (Black Lion Sounds/2004)

Digital Singles (16)

  • Worthy (Akashic Records/2019)

  • Nefertiti (Akashic Records/2019)

  • Forgive Me (Akashic Records/2019)

  • Digitally Minded (Akashic Records/2019)

  • Sumer (Akashic Records/2019)

  • Pressure (Black Lion Sounds/Dub Strand/2019)

  • Lion Strong (Black Lion Sounds/Dub Strand/2019)

  • Train (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Selassie I Great (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Warrior (Addis/2016)

  • So High (Young Mind/2016)

  • Murderer/Blood Spiller (2014)

  • Be Joyful (Just Enoch/2014) 

  • Born to Win (Jah Youth/2013)

  • Love & Affection (Jah Youth/2013)

  • Train Jah Youth (Jah Youth/2013)

EP's (5)

  • I Am That I Am (Akashic Records/2018)

  • Warn Dem (Higher Regions/2016)

  • My Time Will Come (One Drop Records/2014)

  • King of Kings (Jah Youth/Black Lion Sounds/2014)

  • Praise HIM (UniRidd Project/2014)

Compilations (13)

  • Self Reliance (Akanni-I/2017)

  • Wicked Teachings (Imperial Roots/2016)

  • Legacy (My Fortitude Riddim/2016)

  • Shift and Go Round (Outernational Message/2016)

  • Royal (Westend Sun Riddim/2016)

  • Fallen Soldier (Bro/2015)

  • Call On Jah (Ras Riddim/2015) 

  • Discipline (Fiyah Maka Riddim/2014)

  • More Than Average (United in One Heart/2014)

  • Watta Hi Grade (Kif Kif Riddim/2014)

  • I'll Be Praising Jah (RSTTW28/2014)

  • Rasta No CIA (Indo Riddim/2013)

  • Stand Firm (Troddin' East/2010)