i am that i am

The thinking fire of Jah is the only actIvity of Jah

Anywhere in manifestation

Which can acknowledge the creative word of Jah


I am that I am


Fashioned out of mud, fashioned out of clay

Fashioned out the red earth, my blood stain

Fashioned out the perfect activity 

Fashioned out of higher mentality

Fashioned out the electronic body

Fashioned out the substance and the energy

Jah decree


I am that I am


Vibrational action of the word I am

Release of the power of creation I am

Fullness of the esoteric plan I am

Life is the only presence I am

Life is the only intelligence I am

Life is the power that can act and ever act

Love, peace, balance and order I that

Perfect activity and wisdom I that

Divine, love, power and courage I that

Mighty I am


I am that I am


Electronically pure light filling I infinity

Self-luminous degrees and intelligently

Limitless powers beloved mighty

Conscious commands I obediently 

Discipline I inner outer faculties

Manifest complete I mastery 

tremendously and consciously

Flowing higher livity


I am that I am